Relocation Guide (How To Move)

The Psychological Aspect of Moving

Pulling up Roots

There is more to moving than simply packing your belongings and shipping them to a new city. Moving means great changes in your life and your family's life - new home, new friends, new schools, a new job, and possibly a whole new lifestyle.

Such changes can be filled with uncertainty, anxiety and apprehension. But it can also be exciting, filled with adventure, new opportunities and a chance for personal growth. Although it is not easy to leave a familiar place, consider these tips to help you say goodbye: ......... More


Finding A New Home In A New City

Your 1st Visit To Your New Location

Moving is an experience that can be like having a new beginning in life. Go into your move with a positive attitude and it could possibly be the best thing that ever happened to you! You will probably make at least one house hunting trip to your new community. Carefully prepare for this adventure........ More


Finances And Your Move

Review Your Finances With Your Real Estate Specialist

Costs can vary greatly from one real estate transaction to another. Discuss all possible expenses with your real estate specialist or lender prior to looking for a home to be able to anticipate the actual cost of your move. Get pre-approved for a mortgage – you’ll know exactly how much you can spend........ More


Moving Out, Moving In

Moving And Packing Tips

A little advice on moving can save you a lot of time and money. These tips are time tested and can make your move less stressful......... More


Selling Your Home

Choosing The Right Agent

Everyone would like to sell their house in a hurry. When transferring, you want to get top dollar for the home you are selling and complete the sale as quickly as possible. Selling your home requires more than a classified ad and a sign out front. In today’s market there’s a real need for experience in handling all of the complicated process involved in selling. Use these tips to interview real estate agents........ More